We believe in the power of technology to radically improve & transform how the various stakeholders in the shipping industry work together to maximize savings, generate better profits and do things in a very easy to use environment but in a highly secure & reliable digital platform.


Our Mission is to help shipping companies and shippers (exporters/ importers) realize utmost savings & operational efficiency by directly connecting them to service providers in the global logistics industry.


XLOG is a cloud-based web application coupled with mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Membership is free. This digital platform is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the industry of international shipping / logistics and information technology. XLOG leverages the latest technologies to for that seamless experience and create a complete documentation of the door-to-door shipment from country of origin to country of destination. Instant access to both historical and current shipments. XLOG is "made by shippers for shippers".

Asia is the birthplace of XLOG. The utilization of XLOG will go beyond the region as more and more shipping & logistics players leverage on this new digital platform. Shiptek believes that it is now time for the shipping & logistics industry to be digitally disrupted by introducing cutting edge technologies designed for our new digital age.

Shiptek Solutions Corporation, located in the Philippines, with head quarters in Singapore, serves as its Research and Development center. Shiptek belongs to a group of companies, with more than 25 years of industry experience, who is both in the global shipping / logistics business and into digital platforms.

Such detailed knowledge and decades of experience of the founders of Shiptek and its highly trained team of logistics & technology professionals made XLOG possible.


"We saw the urgent need in the shipping & logistics market for a digital platform never seen before. Why we created XLOG and heavily invested on creating the best and the most compelling platform in the market which directly benefits the stakeholders in the logistics industry."

Eugenio S. Ynion, Jr.

Founder & CEO


"Major considerations in the choices of what technologies we use revolve around mission-critical factors such as: reliability, scalability, usability, performance and flexibility. We made sure that all XLOG stakeholders will have a uniquely compelling business reason to use and benefit from the technologies we deployed into our digital platform." - Basilio "Jun" Lasco, Jr., Director/ Partner