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  • International SMS & Email
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Vessel Satellite Tracking
  • Electronic Wallet
  • iOS & Android Mobile App
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Cloud-based Web App
  • FREE Membership
  • Shipping Schedules
  • Guided Booking Process
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Bill of Lading

The digital platform for shipping and logistics made available globally for FREE! A cloud-based software created to be a visually guided end-to-end import/ export process. Utmost ease-of-use made possible, today, only thru XLOG.

"Information is transparent such as rates and schedules"

"Documented and easy to retrieve"

"Secure platform for both its customers and service providers as it requests proof of business upon registration"

"Real-time phone and email notification to both customers and service providers ensuring fast response time."

"Seamless tracking of cargo from origin to destination"

"Paperless transactions that eliminates
standard bank payment option"

"Eliminates unnecessary costs incurred
in the form of transaction fees"

XLOG is the only 24/7 on-demand shipping & logistics platform.
Directly connecting shipping companies to shippers, customs brokers, truck owners
and warehouse operators for that door-to-door container delivery experience.