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At XLOG, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in the products & services we offer. Our digital platform and team of world-class professionals are dedicated to providing diverse and specialized services perfectly tailored to your unique preferences and business needs.

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Looking for a better way to do shipping ?

Look no further. XLOG is created by shippers for shippers in the Asian market. Available where you need it and when you need it – 24/7. We’re committed to being the best at what we do; serving clients on a global scale, not by meeting their expectations but by exceeding them continuously.

“XLOG is the needed digital disruption in the traditional shipping industry. My passion for digital platforms and why the world needs them now is exemplified by what XLOG brings into the global logistics market. “

Joey Ynion

Joey Y

What our customers are saying.


“Instant access to information. If my customer has a question regarding their shipment, I can always pick up the phone and have an answer thru XLOG.”

Niño Beb A. Virtudazo

Licensed Customs Broker


“I like the fact that XLOG is willing to listen to what our needs are and be flexible when trying to achieve a win/win solution.”

Beth M. Umali

COO, Le Soleil International


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