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Reduce the time and mistakes when carrying out a transaction by automating your operations with a ready-to-use solutions to go digital.

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Carry out your transactions digitally from start to finish.


Key Features

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Digital Documentation

Manage transaction documents electronically from end-to-end while utilizing blockchain technology for security and authenticity of data.

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Online Booking

Seamlessly and effortlessly create bookings online and reduce back-and-forth communication to find preferred prices and available services.

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Track & Trace

Get full visibility of your shipment’s exact location in real-time, whether on land or sea.

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Fleet Management

Manage your trucking fleet on the platform and automate your dispatching for order management and job allocation.

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Finance Management

Monitor and settle transactions online with the e-invoice generation, finance management and online payment options integrated with banks/payment partners.

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Container Protection

With the transparency that the system provides, avail of insurance products for your container and shipment.

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Truck Driver App

Mobile app for truck drivers to receive trips, track location, and accomplish e-proof of delivery.

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Boost your cash flow. Extend your payment terms with your vendors, while offering earlier collection of payments for vendors.

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API/EDI Integration

Integrate with third party service provider systems to populate services, receive, and confirm bookings, upload documents, and work with third-party GPS systems.

XLOG Truck Driver App

Less coordination,
more time for operation.

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Boost your cash flow with XLOGPay

Settle your invoices digitally and extend your payment terms with your vendors, while offering earlier collection of payments for your vendors. 

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Vendors are offered the ability to avail of earlier collection of payable. 

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Reverse invoice factoring program.

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One-time credit approval and set-up

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Real-time payment processing upon vendor approval.

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Auto-debit payments for invoices upon due date.

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